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announced he is running. >> today i am announcing i am officially running to be mayor of our great city, washington, d.c. >> the rain did not dampen the theits of tommy wells, second and likely not the last to join the campaign. >> we have seen the greatest crisis in our city. >> he hammered the issue criticizing the current mayor for running what he called a corrupt campaign. >> he promised not to take corporations which contributions from corporations or lobbyists. everybody applies for their job. there will be a new government. >> on the issue of race, he admitted the city is divided. the city has not had a white mayor in decades. >> everybody wants the same thing. >> he says a livable city, better schools and he wants to cut youth crime and how -- in half. the fifth generation washington ian wasn -- washington not available to talk to us today. richardson came from another war to hear wells. they are not completely sold on wells. sure who he will vote for. he thinks he can do a good job. >> we have to find people with the right priorities and integrity. >> a spokesperson for mayor g
from the new york city area. all the way to north korea where some overnight missile tests were conducted with the latest coming up. >> a global show. speaking of international, new details overnight about a shocking jewelry heist in the middle of one of the world's most glamorous events, a star-studded mystery. who stole a million dollars of jewels near the red carpet at the cannes film festival. >>> a frightening scene caught on camera as a passenger plane made an emergency leading at newark airport overnight without its landing gear. sparks seen shooting from the plane as the pilot was forced to make a belly landing at one of the nation's largest airports with dozens of passengers on board. abc's lisa stark is here with the details. lisa how common are emergency landings like this one? >> reporter: bianna, they aren't uncommon. piles can prepare for them in the simulator although they always look very dramatic and obviously you'd rather land with your landing gear. let's take a look at what happened last night. it was at newark at 1:00 in the morning this pilot coming in for
city. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and everybody. yesterday was basically a warm-up for the atmosphere and today it intensifies. and it goes into more populated areas like oklahoma city. that's why we're here because this could be a dangerous day especially if we get a repeat of this. up close and unbelievable. tornadoes rip across central kansas. take another look. this tornado is for real. and this tornado was definitely well documented. >> best tornado i have ever seen. >> reporter: here it is, torturing the land beneath. looking dark and mean. from this angle the twister terrifying with lightning behind, and look at it here, in sanford, kansas, when it touched down again. that tornado hit at least one home. fortunately the owner took cover in his basement and survived. more than 200 severe weather reports. and then there was the hail, up to softball size. it's definitely been a busy weekend elsewhere, too, look at this, more than 8 inches of rain shut down roads and flooded scars in northern alabama. >> they have been here their whole life. they haven't
. it was the height of the friday evening rush when a metro north train left new york city passing near bridgeport, connecticut when it somehow derailed. it sent cars directly into the path of an on coming train on the adjacent tracks. >> one of those jolts that sent people flying. >> reporter: of the 700 people on board those trains, 70 were hurt. senator blumenthal says that number would likely be higher if not for the new rail cars put in operation two years ago. >> perhaps injuries were avoided because these were better cars. >> reporter: david we're told it could be days before these trains are finally moved which would mean headaches for thousands of commuters in the northeast as they try to make their way to work on monday morning. >> thank you. >>> now to the weather and 30 million americans are bracing for possible twisters tonight. new pictures of this twister in texas, up close, the tail splitting off and drifting to the ground. tonight many more are brewing. ginger zee reporting from the storm zone now. >> look at that! >> reporter: uelievable and only the beginning. tornados twisting
and a lot of rain around ocean city. 67 degrees affs the high at reagan national. the average this time of year 76. winter green vava about a half inch of rain so far today. about a quarter of an inch in warrenton and the jackpot goes to outside of ocean city with 61 degrees. emperatures across the board 59 in frederick. 62 in fredericksburg. it's well to the west of us is warm air. this makes its way to us. this is going to lift northward and we're going to keep the clouds and showers and thunder in the forecast for the day tomorrow. once this lifts to the north of us, warmer air will move in. wind will change direction more out of the south and it's going to feel a lot like late spring, early summer by tuesday, wednesday. through ur future cast the night widely scattered showers. omorrow temperatures around 73 degrees. as we move through sunday night into monday a lot of warmer air, warmer moist air moves in and daytime high temperatures monday just around 80 degrees. 57-63 for on overnight low. keep an umbrella handy for tomorrow. it's not going to be a washout but you don't want to
below oklahoma city. that is norman. a second larger storm is moving to stillwater and eventually towards tulsa. they're talking reports of hail the size of baseballs with these complex storms. so far, 32 tornadoes have been confirmed as it continues to move to the north and east. and willmpacts kansas eventually make its way towards missouri. that area is under a tornado watch until midnight. for us, a much different situation. the temperature right now is 75 at reagan national airport. we will see our temperatures in the 60's tonight. in a few minutes, we will take a look at the extended outlook. are you ready for temperatures near 90? it is coming. >> two fbi agents are dead, killed during a training exercise off of the virginia coast. the accident happened friday near virginia beach. the agents have been identified. both men were part of the critical incident responds group. they're both based at the quantico marine base. they are investigating what happened. >> it will be days before train service is restored queen -- between new york and boston. investigators are still exami
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6